Monday, August 9, 2010

Static Waves

These past few days have been hectic,but somehow I am managing to make a post! Thanks to Allegra ( the last photo is of her being silly) taking these pictures for me I can make a post.
This black and white tube dress I got on the sale rack at Ruby. It had been there for some time and I never really thought much of it. Then the other day I thought it would be really cute with a red belt and I still stand by that thought.
The silver and royal blue fringe necklace Allegra and I found on sale at the gap a few days ago. What a findddd!
Hope you have a good day!
My Outfit:
Glamour black and white dress from Ruby
Red belt from the Gap
Silver and blue fringe necklace from the Gap
Velvet flats from Change Clothes
Grey clutch from Goodwill
P.S. I know some of these pictures are really goofy..


  1. I think a bright yellow belt, yellow shoes,and a daisy hair clip would also be a cute way to dress that dress up up.

  2. The daisy hair clip would be too too much. Just keep it simple with the yellow belt and MAYBE some yellow flats. Preferably soft leather, pointed-toed flats, and not neon yellow. I'm thinking more of a yellow with a hint of orange. If you wanted more in your hair I would just go with a simple headband to pull your hair back with the color of your choice.