Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black and White have my heart

I love black and white. They are the best colors together! Here I am wearing black and white and then added the purple bag for that pop of color. Black and white outfits with a bright accessory look so great. Also, if you're used to wearing a mini skirt all the time I suggest you try a high waisted skirt sometimes. They flatter just about anyone and look so put together.
What I'm wearing:
BDG top from Urban Outfitters
High Waisted mini skirt from Walmart by Miley Cyrus
Belt from Change Clothes
Sandals from Change Clothes
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jaguar ring from Buffalo Exchange
Comments please!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sarah and Noelle photoshoot

I love doing photoshoots with friends and this one was no exception! Between Sarah and I nibbling on ice cream and chocolate peanut butter this night was amazing! In this outfit I am wearing an oversized tee shirt/ thin sweatshirt given to me by my friend Sierra. I love basic tee shirts being a little loose and having a large, statement making necklace with it. The shirt is so casual and then the necklace just throws off the whole thing,but in a great way. It glams it up and adds ornament to the tee shirt.
I also dressed Sarah for these photos which is also so very fun!
What I'm wearing:
Oversized long sleeved tee from Forever 21
Large heart necklace by Betsy Johnson
Striped mini skirt from American Eagle
Flats from Target

A casual day..

As much as I love dressing in skirts and dresses sometimes a day calls for shorts and a casual shirt. With denim button ups being a hot thing to wear right now that's what I chose to pair with my white shorts. A few days ago my friend Sage left to go to Chicago and here are some pictures of when I was bidding my farewells to him. Oh, and the cute black dog in the pictures is my dog Star.
What I'm wearing:
Denim shirt by Miley Cyrus from Walmart
White shorts by Op from Walmart
Gladiators from Buffalo Exchange
Coach bag and Coach scarf

Sunday, June 27, 2010

White Ghost

Hats are one of my favorite accessories a person can wear. I think they add to anything and so often all I EVER hear anyone say it that they can't pull of wearing a hat! What does that even mean? You wear the hat, the hat doesn't wear you. Be confident! Wear whatever you want! Hats can be worn by anyone. So please, wear what you like.
what I'm wearing:
Gap dress
Fadora from the Gap
Shoes from American Eagle
Necklaces from Target and Bonnaroo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old Country

This is an outfit post from yesterday. I loved this skirt so much! I wear it all the time! (It was given to me by Jade) But yesterday I worked at Change Clothes and then played Nintendo 64 with Chad. If you haven't play N64 in a long time, if you were smart and kept yours, I suggest you take it out and play. It's the best.
The necklace with the shell I am wearing I bought while I was at the beach and the Alice and wonderland necklace is actually a glued picture onto a scrabble piece. I bought it at an antique trade.
Also, I wanted to suggest girls to read the book Classy by Derek Blasberg. It's a refreshing book on how to not act like Brittany Spears and how to act more like a lady (with style, of course).
What I'm wearing:
Cream flower top is by Nina and Sue
Skirt is from Forever 21
Belt was my brothers
Bracelet is from Walmart, Miley Cyrus
Two Necklaces are from Panama and the other from an Antique Trade Sale


Two nights ago I got together with my friend Jade and here in my post you can finally see her! She looked super cute, didn't she?

I'm wearing:
Dress from Change Clothes
Necklace from The Gap
Sandals from The Gap

Jade is wearing:
Tank is Jean Theraphy
Skirt is Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes are Steve Madden
Ring is is by Mauri Pioppo from the Ondine Collection