Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally, day one

Hi, I'm Noelle Downing and this is going to be my blog, The Nothing Special.
( I hate to state the obvious,but I wasn't sure how to start this out)
My idea for my blog is to take pictures of my everyday outfits and such.. I guess this is going to be a combination of fashion and photography.
Some of the photos will be great,but I can promise some will be terrible.
I'll get better as time goes on I hope!

In this photo I am wearing a black tee shirt with embellishments from Forever 21 ( given to me by my friend Sierra), a high waisted skirt from Miley Cyrus' line at Walmart and Jaguar print flats from Target.

My whole idea for my blog is to show you that you can create great outfits with cheap clothing.

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