Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Fashion Show

Last night where I work (Change Clothes) put on a fashion show!
It was so much fun and I want to do it again every day of my life!
Dressing the girls and just seeing the whole thing come together was fantastic.

Here's what I wore yesterday and to the show:

Minuel top from Change Clothes
Black high waisted Soulmates skirt from Change Clothes
Black Anne Michelle heels from Ruby

Earrings I bought at Bonnaroo

Here are some photos of the lovely young ladies from the fashion show:


  1. ahh thats awesome!! i wanted to go sooo bad, but i couldn't get off work in time! :[ bummer. but i will definitely be at the next one i promise!! i even had a really cute top with a new skirt i was gonna wear to it...oh well. next time. love you! :]

  2. Aww :(
    Well, I love you too!! See you next timeee