Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sarah and Noelle photoshoot

I love doing photoshoots with friends and this one was no exception! Between Sarah and I nibbling on ice cream and chocolate peanut butter this night was amazing! In this outfit I am wearing an oversized tee shirt/ thin sweatshirt given to me by my friend Sierra. I love basic tee shirts being a little loose and having a large, statement making necklace with it. The shirt is so casual and then the necklace just throws off the whole thing,but in a great way. It glams it up and adds ornament to the tee shirt.
I also dressed Sarah for these photos which is also so very fun!
What I'm wearing:
Oversized long sleeved tee from Forever 21
Large heart necklace by Betsy Johnson
Striped mini skirt from American Eagle
Flats from Target

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