Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sorry I've been lacking posts lately. I've just been so busy! I have orientation tomorrow and I've been working my tail off! Also, I found a house that I will be moving into in the fall! So many exciting things. Among exciting things, the other day I stopped into Rue 21, a store I wasn't too fond of until I came across some awsome deals. My white braided headband came from Rue 21 for 2.99! And the black cutout oxfords came from there too for three dollars!Headbands were an accessory I use to wear all of the time.. especially when the ever so famous Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl became my idol. But.. I drifted away from them for a while. Now I'm wanting to bring them back into my wardrobe.
Also, the blouse is from Urban Outfiters.


  1. You are right about those being some amazing deals! Headbands are a great accessory and I must admit to wearing them more frequently after Blair on Gossip Girl! I love you on that show!