Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last night

Yesterday I woke up for work and I had no idea what to put on.. which is rare for me! But I had wanted to wear these forever 21 fringe wedges and here is what I decided to pair them with. After work I went to hear a band my friend Britton is in, Biscuithound, and for that I put a cardigan over my plaid shirt and pulled back the front of my hair with a little braid.

What I'm wearing:
Plaid button up BDG from Urban Outfitters but given to me by Sierra
Cardigan from Old Navy
Frindge Wedges from Forever 21
Owl necklace from Buffalo Exchange
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. Haha, look at the dog licking his lips!

  2. Chadwick, you're a goofball. Always.

  3. more proof that your dogs lick fingers non stop..