Friday, July 9, 2010

My New amazing 80's purse

A few days ago Ben and I went out exploring and took these photos.. the quality didn't come out too well,but we did our best. This purse , my guess is that it's from the 80's, is AMAZING,right?!? I love it so much! It's the newest addition to my closet and I love it more than most of my purses. What do you think of it?
What I'm wearing:
Dress from Forever 21
Bag from Change Clothes
Shoes from Change Clothes
Necklace from Target


  1. That bag is so fun Noelle! It adds a splash of color to your already awesome outfit!

  2. I love the bag, so cute!! x

  3. amazing 80's bag indeed! great find!


    Kisses from Atlanta~